About Us

Founders of Satyodaya
Bishop Leo Nanayakkara, O.S.B
(R.I.P. 28.05.1982)
  Fr. Paul Caspersz, S.J
Satyodaya was foundered on 11 February 1972 by Bishop Leo Nanayakkara, O.S.B and Fr Paul Caspersz, S.J, who wanted to start it with the idea of building up of the living standards and secure the rights of plantation workers and village peasants who are the most disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka.

Satyodaya has been registered as a Non Governmental Organization under the Ministry of Social Services, Colombo. Certificate of Registration No: 98/92 Date: 02/06/1992 and L 39501 Date: 07.01.2002.

During 1960s and 70s there were lot of changes taking place both in Sri Lanka, region and the world. At this time the world affairs were characterized by the dominance of world organizations like World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) , Cold-war and subsequent expansion of American supremacy and anti-imperial movements in various parts of the world. Sri Lanka, too, underwent lot of policy reforms under both UNP and SLFP regimes. Nationalization of private schools and nationalization of land were then progressive and pro-people steps taken by the governments.

The founders of Satyodaya wanted to start a centre with the purpose of conducting research on ethno-socio-politico issues of the area, country, region and the world and social action. Fr Paul, himself an Oxford qualified researcher, concentrated of research while Bishop Leo Nanayakkara O.S.B., then Bishop of Kandy, was interested in social action.

Milestones of Satyodaya ( 1972 - 2012)

  • 1972 - Satyodaya was founded by Fr Paul Caspersz, sj and Bishop Leo Nanayakkara, o.s.b, (RIP), in Kandy .
  • 1974 - Satyodaya gave birth to the Coordinating Secretariat for Plantation Areas (CSPA), in Kandy.
  • 1979 - Movement for Inter Racial Justice and Equality (MIRJE) was founded by Fr Paul Caspersz, sj and other interested friends.
  • 1996 - Satyodaya was restructured and a new structure was introduced in its Work.
  • 2011 - Satyodaya was handed over to and taken over by the Sri Lanka Province Of Society of Jesus. A new organizational structure was introduced.
Team Members of Satyodaya
Fr Christian Perera SJ - Director
Harsha Wanninayake - Deputy Director
(Ms) Priyanthi Wijesinghe - Secretary & Librarian
(Ms) H.A.N.P Ariyasinghe - Accountant
(Ms) S. Amarapathidevi - Treasurer/ Coordinator Women’s programme
(Ms) Malkanthi Herath - Coordinator - Educational Programme
(Ms) N.K Shanthi - Coordinator – Livelihood Development Programme
S. Shivakumar - Coordinator – Pre-school Development Programme
A.K.P.G Abeysekara - Coordinator – Vocational Training Programme
T.A Wijesinghe - Coordinator – Transport
(Ms) Noeline Siriwardana - Centre Assistant
H.M.S.B Herath - Centre Assistant
R.Jayakumar - Centre Assistant

Establishment of a just, fair and humane society in which pluralist ideas and interests of its people are admired and respected and people give according to their ability and receive according to their needs is the vision of Satyodaya.

The mission of Satyodaya is to become a Social Movement in order to promote cultural, economic, civic and social harmony and development of people through encouraging their local initiatives that foster their mutual understanding and eradicate unjust and unfair divisions among them.

Our Objectives

  • To strive to create peace and justice among the people
  • To strive to promote the cultural, economic, civic and social activities of the people living in the village, estate and urban areas.
  • To Protect and promote the environment.
  • To enable women to take their long-delayed place in society.
  • To Work in the areas of Peace, Inter-ethnic Harmony and Democracy in order to secure a peaceful existence.
Layers of Satyodaya Field Work and the Working Structure
1st Layer :  
Scattered and unorganized groups in the working locations.
2nd Layer :  
Community Based Organizations, Youth Groups, Readers Clubs, Pre-School Teachers, Farmers’ Societies, Women’s Societies, Children’s Clubs, Volunteers’ Groups.