Satyodaya Centre

Satyodaya is a registered voluntary development organization which involves especially in the socio-economic development issues of the disadvantaged people in the plantations and adjacent villages in Central and Sabaragamuwa provinces of Sri Lanka.It is also one of the Jesuit Social Centres function in the country. The goal of Satyodaya is to create a just society where inter-ethnic, inter-linguistic, inter-religious and inter-cultural aspects are admired in the name of humanity.

  • Pre-school Education Programme of Satyodaya (PEPS)
    Satyodaya facilitates its Activity Centres based on Pre-Schools with knowledge, equipment and other necessary inputs in order to make them to be community level Early Childhood Development Centres. It strengthens these centres to make positive impacts on the interacted plantation and rural communities.

    Making aware of the parents who are conceptually misled by commercially driven establishments with regard the true sense of Early Childhood Development.

    Making the Early Childhood Development Activity Centres to be the nucleus of many other community development measures handled by the people themselves with the support of Satyodaya.

  • Building peace and psychological development with the different communities in and around the Plantation Sector
    I . Bringing plantation worker community and other communities who live closer to their living locations together share their cultural differences.

    II . Changing the attitudes of the plantation people that they would continue to be a backward society.

    III . Making aware of the plantation worker community with regard to the legal and constitutional provisions in order to safeguard their dignity as citizens and human beings .

  • Sustainable Organic Agricultural Practices
    I . It has been observed that the beneficiary communities are involved in small scale agricultural practices using chemical fertilizer and pesticides etc. through which they unknowingly get subjected to various health problems. Therefore, it is a social responsibility of others including Jesuit Social Centres to help these poorer communities in getting rid of the above.

    III .Since the project is not only to address the chemicals related issues but also as to how the communities could participate in protecting their living environment through organic and bio-dynamic agriculture at household level.

    III . The project activities are also to bring the different ethnic communities together live and share their day today problems by promoting peace and reconciliation among them.

  • Financial Services, Training and awareness creation on livelihood and entrepreneurship development with Women
    Intervening in gaining the social, cultural, economic, educational and political rights with regard to underprivileged young women who live in the estates

    I . Empowering the young women who have been subjected to all kind of discriminations against them

    II . Securing the basic needs and the necessary social security of young plantation women

    III . Strengthening the purchasing power of the unemployed young women through providing credit facilities for income generation/livelihood activities