Satyodaya Programmes

Satyodaya covers a wide range of community development areas through its programmes implemented in the plantations and adjacent villages. All these programmes have been selected carefully with the needs and necessities of the interacted communities. Satyodaya uses its own collection of information with regard to the socio-economic situations of the interacted families when it makes programmes.

The involvement of Satyodaya in different areas of development work is decided at the Strategic Planning workshops done first at organizational level and secondly at the Province level of the Society of Jesus collectively with all its social centres.

The level of Satyodaya’s involvement in development work mainly depends on the requests made by the respective communities and availability of funds. Satyodaya requests its friends, well-wishers and donor agencies to join hands with any of the following programmes and be a partner of same.

Socio-economic Research and Encounters, Training and Awareness Creation, Social Mobilization, Educational Development, Promotion of Environment Friendly Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, Children’s Development, Women’s Development and Financial Services are the programmes through which Satyodaya makes efforts in order to let disadvantaged people reach their own development. It is a great strength that Satyodaya has its own experience for more than 40 years in continuing such programmes by transforming any difficulty into favourable outcomes from the angle of people’s development.